What do you use blender for

(steve343) #1

I just had to know it seams to me as if this realtime 3d wasent the way foward for blender i might be wrong. Dosent really bother me but then again not much does. 8).

oh by the way just pic the main one u usied it for i know u can use blender for more than one thing.

(steve343) #2

oh forgot to say feal free to post opinions on this subject

(slikdigit) #3

well, i just put in modelling, cuz’ that’s what I spend most of my time doing, but animation is the goal, and blender is the package.

(steve343) #4

13 votes so far and it doesnt look in favour of the real time engine.
i thought the realtime engine was pretty good better than the main competator dark basic. but i had no use for it. :wink:

(kos) #5

i do modelling for most of the time…but do animations when my heart feels like.i want to pursue a career as a modeller :wink: .

([email protected]) #6

the thing is i dont know about anyone else but im not entirely sure how to do anything except still images… not that im not getting better at it lol but i still suck terrably anyone know where i can find either a manual or a tutorial of how to animate things

(gyra5) #7

Animation is what I mainly use Blender for. It’s been a while since I’ve done a still that wasn’t for a commercial of something. I have tried using the activeX plug-in to add 3d animations to my powerpoints but no luck. That’s been the extent of my realtime involvement.

(Goo) #8

I use it for both still images and animations, but becuase most of my animations fall through I typically end up using it for stills.


(IamInnocent) #9

Sorry for not using the form : it’s a bit restrictive.

I’m a cabinetmaker and I model in Blender mostly for the massing stage of a design. But animation and walkthrough are also important.

(Me) #10

I use Blender for Modeling, Rendering and animation.

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(stephen2002) #12

I put down modeling (you can select more than one thing on these darn polls!) because I tend to sped a lot of time makeing models. The ultimate goal is almost always animation, but I find that it takes less time to move the models around than it does to make the models.

(Guinness) #13

All of the above.

Realtime is the future.