What do you use to render?

What type of computer do you typically use to render your blender projects?

Just a regular fairly new computer that does not have a 3d graphics card but still fairly good so it only crashes when i start to do stuff on it while rendering a huge complex stuff filled image

Why can´t we choose several options?
It is project dependent, animation or still for instance.
Where is GPGPU rendering in the poll?

my plan is to use a renderfarm such as BURP or renderfarm.fi

I recently bought a new processor and more ram so I guess I’ll be using a top of the line for the next few months.

I’ve never had the computer(s) that I really wanted to use for renders. So I’ve gotten pretty good at making a dollar out of thirty-five cents.

I have a laptop over five years old that I use frequently.

Laptop all the way. The one I use is 4 years old, but works well.

i primarily use my mac (the one i use all the time).

two gtx 580s. [octane]

damn I hate you, i hate you so very, very much… Octane must fly with those puppies on board. there is only one shop that brings in those card in this corner of the world and they know it, so they charge an arm and a leg for this card but I so ever want one.

currently using a lowly soon to be binned gts450 and dual core with LUX

I just got myself a new i7, GTX460 and more ram; though I don’t own Octane, I think this is a pretty fine rig and will work for the next 5-6 years.

So far most of my work was done on a Phenom x2 and a recently collapsed GTS250.

i use an old battered and abused acer laptop with 2gb of ram and an old pentiumD2ghz processor!
i run linux and windows7,linux for graphics,and 7 for music production.

cheers :cool:

Yeah it is very fast, im currently rendering a portfolio for some freelancing, to get a little cash here and there it is munching though 1 mill - half a mill scenes in seven minutes. It would take around 7-10 hours for luxrender to render and would probably crash smalluxgpu. the 2.5 script isent working which is a pain,but then i could just do some 4K renders :RocknRoll: :eyebrowlift:

I use a crappy advent laptop with a 2GHZ single core celeron the only redeeming feature of this laptop is the 3GB of ram in it. Hopefully in the future when i get some money i’ll be able to build myself a nice desktop computer.

why would we hope we dont get caught when using a network render? or am i missing something?

I have an old Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop that was pretty decent for its day back in 2004. It’s got a 3 GHz P4, and it gets kind of noisy when all three cooling fans run at top speed. Unfortunately, it is now prone to locking up for no apparent reason, so I hardly use it anymore.

I also have a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor. It’s definitely not meant to handle any kind of processor load for any length of time since it has no cooling fan at all. But it’s a great travel computer.

The real work horse is my cheap home built computer. It’s just a basic dual core Athlon II 3 GHz with 4 GB DDR3 RAM on an Asus motherboard. The on board graphics are just good enough for now, but I would love to upgrade to a decent workstation graphics card. Regardless, the hardware is very reliable, it never hangs up even after hours of rendering and multitasking. My OS is Ubuntu 10.10 64bit with Gnome which is very stable and doesn’t hog system resources. This computer renders this unofficial test blend file (http://www.eofw.org/bench/) in about 50 seconds. By comparison, the netbook (running Xubuntu 10.10 32bit) takes 7 minutes and 55 seconds to render the same file. If my memory serves me correctly, the netbook took over 9 minutes to render it when I used to have Windows XP as its OS.