What does Blender have that no other 3d app has?

Is there something unique in Blender? Something really new?

It’s free yet it has got plenty to offer.

And you got Elysiun in which to ask advice.

And you can become a member of great community.

And you can affect to the development of Blender.

And …


Class! :slight_smile: Just kidding! Free, Powerful, good commu7nity, fast scanline renderer and lots of flexability. Blender is an awsome program and growing all the time at a rapid pace.

Forgot to mention, opensource and multi-platform.

…and it can guard your house while you’re out.

its all about the Layers :smiley:

This is the moste usefull conzept i can Imagine.
It gives you so much Controll in Hiding things of a Scene and
i can never live without it anymore!

The best mesh-modeling interface on the face of the planet(including comercial software), I’ve heard countless people say that they bought maya, or lightwave, but still model in blender because of the interface. I’ve tried some other software for modeling, but I havn’t found anything I like better than blender.

Alone the way the Vieport behaves on midlemouse+dragging is just a dream!
If you made a wrong turn in 3dsMax so that your viewport is Tilted, then its an timeconsuming strugle to fix it.
In blender you just move the Mousecurser further apart from the Center and your done!

And the way the Loopcut is made, its one of my most used features.

o … and its realy smal, i mean you have a great tool that is under 30MB,
i carry Blender always with me on an USB-Stick, ready to run on every System that i can get my hands on :stuck_out_tongue:

the customizable user interface is bitchin! does maya adapt to what you’re doing? i think not.

(at least not ple)


… she’s so fricking hot!

A unique aspect of Blender is an Integrated Game Engine.