what does 'global ambience' do?

what does ‘global ambience’ do? Nothing as far as I can see. And wouldn’t seem that global, as it only applies to the material in question.


it determines what percentage of the Ambient Color (you can define the Ambient color in the World settings) is blended with the Material.


Well there are ambient settings in the “world” area, and also in an object’s material. In the world, you can adjust the AmbR, AmbG and AmbB (Red, Green and Blue). The default is o for each = black. This means that the materials have no colour/brightness added to them. If you want to brighten up the entire world you can just increase the ambient R, G and B… this doesn’t affect the background image or the objects that don’t have materials. The materials’ ambient “Amb” property means how much the material is affected by the world’s ambient colour. 0.5 is the default… 0 means the material isn’t affected at all… 1 means it is affected a lot.