What does the default color of the particles in the 3d viewport mean?

I am working on this liquid simulation:

When playing back the baked data, i get mostly blue particles, but in the video the liquid displays blue, green and red particles. I can appreciate as well that the behaviour of my liquied is not as “wild” as the one in the tutorial.

What do those particle colors mean? I did some research and i only found someone with same question unanswered at blender.stackexchange.com.

Bringing this up. Someone should know what those particle colors mean…

Hi, I found this on the Blender docs (Emitter viewport display):
Viewport Display

Color particles according to their speed. The color is a ramp from blue to green to red, Blue being the slowest, and Red being velocities approaching the value of Max or above.”

You mean this?

Makes total sense! Thanks @Teun_Claassen Teun_Claassen!