What fighting style do you like??

What fighting style do you like???





Krav Maga

Kung Fu

Pro Wrestling






Shaolin Kung Fu

Street Fighting

Mix Martial Arts




Brazilian jiujitsu


Jeet Kune Do

Running Away!


I like Pro Wrestling…

Brazilian jiujitsu would have to be my favorite. I’m also trained in Judo, Aikido as well as having a balck belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts…which incorporates alot of various styles.

edit-son as my son is old enough (he’s only 3) he will start with what I learned from the Marine Corps, then he will be taught only BJJ

I like running away.


But can you lift big guy in Judo?? I’m 115 lbs I lift a 160 lbs using the judo’s kata guruma. But I cant lift that 160 lbs using the shoulder throw in judo I already use my hips to lift him but he is to strong he fight back…

Aikido is better when dealing with a severe mismatch in wieght. I’ve seen some skinny dudes send some big dudes flying with little to no effort because they used the weight of the opponent against them. Also if your opposition has time to fight back during your hip toss…you’re taking way to long to do it.

I’m extremely interested in learning jujutsu. It teaches you to stop your opponent using the minimum amount of force necessary, and is said to be good against a larger attacker.

For now, I run away. :smiley:

I somewhat use sissy looking fighting moves, I’m not very trained in the art of fighting, I can’t defeat anyone who’s almost equal or superior in strength without me using an object for assistance.

Aikido I wanna be able to take people down with a flick of the wrist. There is no one near me that teaches it though. EVERY place around me is Tai-Chi or Taeknowndo

Judo, plus Brazilian Jiujitsu. Gotta love those two. They’re actually based off of the same art (I think).

I like Shotgun. the 12-guage style.

I like judo, ju jutsu, taekwondo, and I’d love to do more mixed martial arts, like brazilian ju jutsu, and ninjutsu and krav maga in the future. Right now it’s only the first 3, haven’t been doing them for very long though…but I love em…

…from “So I Married An Axe Murderer”. [hee hee… sorry, this thread just reminded me of this quote :slight_smile: ]

I like Wu Fu.:smiley:

geek Quan doe

I saw on an episode of Taboo (National Geo. Channel) of a new American way of defense called fight club, you basically fight similar to what’s on the street with no protection, but you don’t send someone to the hospital.

Yeah finding any good instructors is hard to do where I’m from. Not many dans around. I was severly upset when I got back from overseas. Good think my uncle can test me out lol.

well then I’m in luck, there are quite a few dans where I live. There’s about 3 or 4 different schools around here which all use the same locations, and several principles to choose from. More experienced martial artists from different disciplines don’t mind teaching what they know to the new guys, like myself.
The principles I know of that are around here:
Ju jutsu
karate (I think)
kiushu jutsu
Kickboxing/thaiboxing (well, used to be, I think that gym was closed recently)
kick and box (some “for the masses” dancy fancy weakened kickbox thingy)
tai chi
unfortunately, aside from the fact that I haven’t the time to follow all of them, some of these are being taught at the same time, some even only once or twice a month. So you have to compromise in your choice…

Not really much else of interest around here though, most girls look like cows or have an massive ego, both like to try and make you feel like shit, most of them lack discipline or character, (people with some more discipline tend to migrate elsewhere). People like to gossip endlessly about one another. Everyone knows what everyone’s been doing… and I travel several hours a day just to get home from work, I get home, eat, grab my gear, go sport, get home, chill 15 mins, sleep…

If I ever move out of the country, this variety of martial arts is something I’m really going to miss.
I’ve been hearing good things about Vancouver though…

Marksmanship is my personal favorite, that or artilery.


Make them right, and I might let you walk again.

TKD for my Vote:D