what format should i use to export animations?

hello…i’m currently using Cyberdelia (Cyberdelia is free 3D animation software) to make my animations, but the only problem is it doesent save to .avi or .mov format. so what i want to do is to export them out of Cyberdelia and into blender, so that i can render the animation to .avi file. the export/save options i have in Cyberdelia are:

Shockwave file (.w3d)
DirectX File (.x)
Cyber3D file (.c3d)
RayTrans library file (.mqs)
Cyberdelia file (.cyb)
XAML file (.xaml)
VRML97 file (.wrl)
Hot Soup Proccessor file (.mx)
Header file (.h)

as you can see, there it NO save option for .avi or .mov in the list…so my question is: which one of the above formats should i use to export the animations, and import them into blender?

Hmm, I haven’t heard of this program, so I downloaded it and took a look.

Direct X or VRML would probably be the best formats, unfortunately I tried exporting and importing both of them into Blender and neither worked.

What kind of animations are you doing? How long have you been using this program?

Frankly, it’s a very simple program, and you’d be better just animating directly in Blender. I know it’s a big learning curve, but Blender is a much more powerful program. The Intro to Character Animation is a great tutorial (see link in my signature), and will walk you through modelling / rigging and animating a character. You can do
wnload a finished version of the character from the last page of that tutorial for a preview.

The support thread for that tutorial is here:

I’ve also seen some threads here on Direct X importing problems / solutions, but I’m not familiar with the current status of that, so it may be possible to import / export from Cyberdelia, it just didn’t work for me using the “standard” installed Blender import scripts.


thanks, Mike_S, i guess i’ll start searching the forums…