What game engine do you recommend for exploring 3d environments in 1st person

Hello, I create 3d environments in 3ds max and I want to make a simple pc game where the player can explore the environment by looking around, walking and jumping onto 3d surfaces.
There will be a certain place (goal) in each environment that the player has to get to (stand within a zone) to complete the level and move on to the next one.

I can create 3d graphics and animation but I want to make the next step of making my work interactive.

Does anyone know of an easy to use, 3d game engine for the pc and meets these requirements?



Blender Game Engine

Thank you. Can I import 3d objects with rendering from 3ds max?

Yer, if you convert them into a file that belender can import.

I’ve just installed blender along with python. Thank you for your help.

Check this out. Easy? Depends on what you want to do. It can get complicated pretty quickly. Walk-throughs are pretty easy, and it’s a snap to jump into entirely new scenes. But if you want to bring stuff with you, you’ll need a little python, with its globalDictionary, to help you.

I’ve imported stuff from CAD programs and games into Blender, and I’m sure Blender’s got an import script for 3ds Max, but I have no experience with it.

Just watched a video of that game on youtube. It’s done very well, I’m going to try it out.

In general for 3d engines: Yes, there are many free 3d engines out there with stunning graphics and stuff. But most of them are missing one important thing: tools.
All the effort is going into the engines and no one seems to care for good tools like level editors, material viewers, model viewer etc. and that is imo one of the main reasons there are so few good projects finished with those engines.
Blender of course is itself an excellent tool!
Blender GE may lack some important features (for now), but if you know how to work arround those weaknesses, it’s already a pretty good engine imo.