What happend with my blender 2.81?

hi all, i just change from blender 2.8 to 2.81 but when i open the default cube is transparent, i also meet the problem when i adding another object that auto connect to the other pivot point, i can’t move the object but i can move the transparent object that connect to the real object

Is blender 1.81 have the different rules to adding object or other issues?, can anyone explain for me this problem
thank you very much!

Did you import your settings from 2.80? If so, have you tested a portable version of 2.81a?

Yes i import setting from blender 2.8 , im using blender 2.8 while install blender 2.81, do you mean i have to remove blender 2.8 before install blender 2.81?

Nope, no need to remove 2.80.

I assume you’re on Windows? If so, go to your C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\ folder. Here are your settings, for each installed Blender versions.

But just for testing, using a portable version, you can download the zip version of Blender, extract it where you want, and inside the extracted 2.81 folder, create an empty folder named config (this portable version will not modify your main settings stored in appdata).


If the portable version is OK, maybe you should delete the 2.81 folder in appdata, open your installed 2.81a Blender, and avoid importing 2.80 config… but in this case, yes, you will have to reconfig all your Blender.

As a workaround you can also try to disable the option “Load UI” in your user preferences.

i tried but not work :((

i don’t use UI