What happened to SHIFT-Up/Down?

I finally got around to playing with the 2.8 Beta. It’s a lot to digest to say the least. Goodbye, muscle memory!

For many years and many versions, pressing SHIFT Up or SHIFT Down moved forward/back 10 frames in the timeline. Now, maybe it’s just me but it appears to be gone and I can’t figure out if it’s been totally removed or what the new keybindings are. I did a search here but nothing came up.

Can anybody tell me how to get SHIFT Up/Down back? Or at least what the new keybinding is. Thanks.

IIRC I had the same issue longer time ago. So I just edited the keymap. There wasn’t any shortcut for this. So feel free to just add it for yourself or make a suggestion to the developer.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing, as well as restoring S: Start Frame and E: End Frame.

As I said before, it’s a lot to digest! :laughing:

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You cannot easily add S and E for Start/End Frame. Well, you can, but then it will conflict with Scale and Extend, which is why they were changed.

The Timeline in 2.8 now allows you to select and manipulate keyframes, so the keymap had to be changed because of this.

In 2.79 (and before) S was Scale AND Start, E was Extrude AND End. How is it going conflict now?

Because in 2.79 you could not scale or extend keyframes in the Timeline. Now you can.

Alright then. Thanks for the tip.

The Dopesheet and Timeline also use the same keymap now, so even if you wanted to only add S and E to the Timeline to set start/end, you can’t. It will override scaling and extending in both the Dopesheet and Timeline.

The upside is that then you can also set start/end frames in the Dopesheet also.

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