What happened to X-Ray in 2.8?

hey guys,

does anyone know where i can find the “old” xray mode inside of blender 2.8?
i was using it frequently when doing retopo.

cheers chris


okay, i found an equivalent called “in front”

seems like in 2.8 the option “in front” doesn’t really work in edit mode.
is there a better way like seen in 2.7 on the left (with xray turned on)?

maybe this ? image

or you can add transparency to the material of the object that you want to see through

Sorry just realize razin already replied with the screenshot.

There is a “show x-ray” toggle in the top right corner of the view port.


Many thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Seems it was a bug … in the latest version everything works as in 2.79 luckily :smiley:

im very sorry were it is ?

sorry again it just called “in front” :slight_smile:

I’m sure that you found it by now, but for anyone else looking for it it’s here:

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