What has happened to "C" button?

Hello everbody,

I decided to start a new thread cos there has not been any answer for so far in earlier threads. Maybe its to time rethink everything and maybe we should even come to a conclusion, that one crucial feature is missing from Blender 2.5 or I am looking for a feature, which is radically different from that old feature. I wonder what has happened to Blender.

So what has happened to “C” button. In the old blender it caused so called center of view which made it handy to operate on small details. Without this feature it is almost impossible to do accurate work. This feature is very common feature, and it exists in all cad software in a form or another. In Autodesk alias it is called: “point of interest” and in Rhinoceros 4.0 it is under View-Center camera-place camera and target. So as far as I know it exist in almost any CAD software and it is very, very important feature.

I have found some attempts to explain that is is a key under, C+Shit+Ctrl+Alt but this does not effect on me or if it does something it is not the feature, what I am looking for. Furthermore Ctrl+ is not the combination which does the job.

Please help me. If you help me you will help many others too. This is an important question, I guess.

Center view to curser is Ctrl+numpad . (period) or the View / Align View menu entry. To center the view to selected it is numpad . key

It has been replaced with Ctrl+. (on the Numpad.)

i actually went to the user preferences menu changed that action back to “c” because i dont even use the circle select.

Please be more specific. This does not help me.

It should help you… Hit the period (.) key on your numpad to center to selection and Ctrl+. to center the view. Or change the key bindings in the user preferences under input>3D view>3D view (global) to what you want.

It has been replaced with Ctrl+. (on the Numpad.)

Please be more specific. This does not help me.
Okay, I apologize. I will try to be more specific.

The function that the “C” button used to provide in Blender 2.4x, namely, to center the 3D view on the 3D cursor, no longer occurs when the “C” button is pressed in Blender 2.5x.
Currently, the updated key combination in Blender 2.5x is CTRL+period/delete key on the number pad on the bottom right side of your keyboard.