What in the hell is wrong with this forum?

Just peeking in here after being too disgusted with it to be a regular anymore and it’s worse than ever.

I thought CD was banned, and it should have stayed that way. He’s proven time and time again that every thread he leaves every thread he posts in worse for having entered. He’s incapable of understanding basic human (dragon?) emotions and has the social skills of toddler. NJROTC should have been banned long ago. He tends to post in a consistently insulting manner and adds nothing to the environment. Hell, I was banned for that shit from blender.nl several times so a month or so away from the OT forum could do him some good.

What’s this about people flaming a guy for making a 1000 post thread? Fuck you, postcount milestone threads are common in every forum with a decent community. To call it spamming when there are tons of shitty worthless threads all around it just shows that there’s no community involvement anymore. The fact that it’s locked just shows even more how terrible of a job the mods are doing. Let’s let political/religious threads go for hundreds of replies before locking, but this harmless one won’t go past one page.

The only thing that made Blender worth using way back in the day was the fact that it had a cool quirky community behind it. With the growth of Blender, all of the various internet trash, including the kids and internet illiterate unintentional spammers have flooded this place. Threads that were once interesting are now banned because the dumbasses here haven’t learned that arguing online is fucking stupid.

Fuck this, I’m jumping ship. Bye.

Your a dick, simple. Get over it. For somone that has to spam caturday shit every week you have little place to comment on other people on what right or wrong.

on that note, yes this forum has degraded rather low, be happy that you are one of the prime contributers along side CD and co.

I must say I don’t take things very seriously, including this forum. It’s quite irrelevant to me.

You got a problem with the way the forum is run? try contacting the folks who actually run the site, don’t go all crazy and post your rants in public. What’s that supposed to accomplish?

Thread Locked.