What inspires you?

I just saw the new Metro trailer and it took my breath away. The level of artistry and technological aptitude is sky high. :smiley:

It seems the entire thing is rendered using the in-game engine.

Why I do even CG, is because people like this, who push the limit of what can be done both on technical and artistic level. Also being a video game, you have even more obsticles to overcome to make the whole thing into one cohesive package. I just love the challenge.

What has recently impressed you and what inspires you to do what you do?

I’ll get back to my reasons soon enough, but for now, that was awesome!!

I bought metro 2033 and first light for like 5€ on Steam store. It is as epic as the Half life series but at least I know it will have a third installment. It’s the most beautiful game I’ve played and it’s so well done. I recommend that you play the first two games because it looks as good as this trailer.