What is bforartists 2 and how is it different from Blender?

Hey guys, with all the videos i watched on youtube and bforartists website. i still can’t figure out how different it is from Blender.

How are the 2 softwares different from each other? i thought Bforartists was some sort of like a character creator.

it looks like this video explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f654R5ol7CQ

Also https://www.bforartists.de/features gives some insight. And this might better fit Other software category perhaps as bforartists is a “spin-off”.

Key differences is UI organization, exposure and iconography compared to Blender, at it’s core the feature set is exactly the same as Blender, just the way you do things with the GUI is different, cleaner, improved, less redundant, and all round more thought out. It also has improved tooltips, larger offline documentation, and general nuances that improve every day tasks.

Wow. That’s A LOT of work. Lots to like, too, like the colored icons to name but one.
Something to keep in mind. If I wasn’t using ecycles, I would have a look. May anyhow…