What is blender's camera projection matrix model?

Hi. I have question what is blender’s camera projection model.

I want to use blender to my computer vision experiment which need to compare real photo and CG. For real photo, I used camera matrix K for perspective projection, like this
K= [f 0 Px 0]
[0 f Py 0]
[0 0 1 0] (Px and Py is center coordiate of 2D image, start from Top-Left to Bottom Right)

So I can easily transform 3D vertex to 2D pixel coordinate. To compare this matrix, I need to know how blender make camera matrix K in it’s internal rendering process. It seems that blender’s camera has 3 parameters (f (focal length), near plane, far plane. Ignoring shift x and y).

How to make blender’s camera projection matrix which transform 3D vertex to 2D image coorindate from these 3 paremeters?


you probably want to ask on IRC (#blendercoders on freenode), where the developers hang around.