What is bump maping?

What is bump maping?

Hey! if you will like to know,:cool: check out my post under (tarkata14).


Also, not quite the same but related, is displacement mapping:


Please, next time, UTFS (a just invented derivation of RTFM). In other words, look at the threads here and you’ll see that a similar question was posted already. Actually, the very same question has been asked a few times already. And if you go with bugman’s suggestion and use google, you’ll find more informations that you even want…

…so please, do that the next time before asking a question, okay?

There has been threads on this before and I would agree with that.

You have been posting a lot of questions on just about everything, why not search and read the mediawiki manual, it’ll probably save you from asking tons of questions.:slight_smile:

I looked and I saw on called “Bump Maping?”
And it didnt say what it was, it was asking if you could with blender.

Go to wikipedia and search for Bump Mapping, it should give you some insight on what it is.

Ok. Thanks.

Here try some exercise:


Ok I will take a look at this. Thanks.
Oh and if any of you could help me with my eye problem look in the Eyes thread.