What is context_pointer_set?

I ran across this in the API (context_pointer_set) but there’s not much of an explanation. I found a couple of examples of it in use (here and here), but deciphering its purpose from these contexts is beyond my current understanding of both Python and Blender UI coding.

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// space_userpref_keymap.py

def draw_km(self, display_keymaps, kc, km, children, layout, level):
    km = km.active()
    layout.context_pointer_set("keymap", km)

i guess:
context_pointer_set is being use to write keymap context to a pointer.
context_pointer_set(“context_pointer_type”, pointer)
context_pointer_set(“i_want_keyboard_context”, in_this_pointer)

there shoud be list somewhere with the different "context_pointer_type"s.

Thanks for the reply, dirty-stick. (great moniker, BTW. All kinds of entendres, double, triple and otherwise :slight_smile: )

That’s what I thought, too, but so far I haven’t found anything.

this is the code of the c-function:

void uiLayoutSetContextPointer(uiLayout *layout, const char *name, PointerRNA *ptr){
    uiBlock *block = layout->root->block;
    layout->context = CTX_store_add(&block->contexts, name, ptr);

for me it looks like a function to set an arbitrary context, as properties may be context-dependent when adding them to a layout. If a prop isn’t in regular context, you set it via context_pointer_set() - just my guess :wink:

types i found:

  • modifier
  • constraint
  • edit_movieclip
  • edit_image
  • edit_image_user
  • object
  • controller
  • sensor
  • actuator
  • node

Hm… they could possibly be the same as bl_context for Panels!

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Or maybe windows? Is it some way to track which window/panel the mouse pointer if over? In the case of keymaps, that would make sense.

I still don’t understand at all. in layout.context_pointer_set("keymap", km)
keymap is a dict? km a sort of path? maybe with a simple example I could understand it

For anyone googling this thread many years later - heres a solid explanation: https://blender.stackexchange.com/a/203443/86891

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