What is Dynamic Object mass represented in UPBGE?

Is Dynamic Object mass in UPBGE represented in pounds, tons, or kilograms? I would like to know this so I can correctly set mass for objects in UPBGE.

Is there a converter online maybe that lets me convert different units of weight measurements (kg, lbs, t) to Blender mass?

mass dynamic objects in game engine this personal value only BGE/UPBGE, starter mass not equal kilograms or pounds

Kilograms by default, I believe.

Thanks for pointing this out! I just didnt know and got confused.

But why is there Temperature in the Scene sector of UPBGE’s Game Engine? Does this mean UPBGE will someday get a temperature system for game objects (like ice or lava?)

That specific part is part of Blender and its physic systems, if I remember correctly. Yes, it could be used to make ice/lava perhaps.