What is exactly the function of the Anti Button ?

Maybe I’am stupid, but using Blender for several months, I still don’t understand how works the Anti button in the Image panel of the texture block (Toggle Image Anti Aliasing) , because even if this button is not toggled, the picture used as texture seems to be treated with OSA. When the Anti Button is toggled, the blender console displays an error message during the rendering (something like can’t do antialiasing. Is it a true image?)

An explanation should be welcome.
Thanks in advance.


If you want no oversampling on your image try switching off mipmap and interpol… I’ve never really used the anti function myself so wouldn’t know about that.

It is to Anti Alais your texture image. I never use it to be honest with you.


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The only result that I can get with this button is an error message in the console… Not very usefull !


Take a look at this:


explains it a bit better.

Thanks a lot Fakeplastic !

Now, I understand better ! I didn’t know that Antialiasing was performed at different levels, and I didn’t thought that it was possible to Antialias the Image of the texture itself. Now, I know that OSA is for the whole rendering and Anti is for the texture only. Though, If Anti is not toggled, this doesn’t mean that the texture will not be antialiased during the rendering. It will not be antialiased BEFORE rendering ! It is a function that prepares the texture if its pattern needs it. This function doesnt seems to be usefull very often.

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There always has been confusion about that button. It is meant to be used with images which have a limited color palette and clear outlines, like cartoon like images. The only good example I can think of which uses this technique is the old ‘blacksmith’ animation. Must be still around somewhere. This is a 3d scene combined with 2d animated textures for the characters. When you render a still frame from that with and without the anti buttons enabled, you can see a clear difference around the outlines.

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