what is going on ???

This is my first ever scene in Blender. Im still finishing up some modeling. In my test renders Im getting jagged edges, above the oven is the worst place. even at 1000 samples what going on? Do I need more samples?


even at 1000 samples

1000 is not big for that 2+ bounces scene. Monte carlo renderers are like cheap CCD cameras if low render time time/samples, and clean image in very big (Hasselblad/render farm) render time. BTW, i not understand what you mean “jagged edges”, overall noise (it normal for low render time at last picture ) or some other artifact ?

Okay I got ya. To tell you the truth it looked much worse when viewing the render in blender. Thanks for your feedback.

I would bump it up to something like 3000 or 4000 if your GPU can handle it,you can always try using a render farm or ask someone to render the final product for you.

What’s amazing here is, you uploaded a 588 X 748 picture, so you can’t see what your complaint is actually…yet people are giving you advice on speculation? Where are the jaggy bits, I can not see them?!! Now, going on speculation, as was said before, 1000 samples is way too little for an interior scene like this, but it looks amazing! The blue lights really set it off, but it’s lit really well in general, great job! I don’t think you need more than 2000 samples for this truthfully:D

EDIT: I see the top pic is a reference, just ran across it here: http://ezpong.com/modern-contemporary-kitchen-designs-and-pendant-lighting-for-kitchen-island/modern-contemporary-kitchen-designs-with-pendant-lighting-for-kitchen-island/ so your picture is 800 X 960…still too small to see any details, but you are doing fine in my opinion. Maybe work on the island light a bit, looks too strong :slight_smile:

A cheat of sorts is to render 2 exact images at 1000 samples but with different seed values (not sure if this is necessary to change the noise) and then put them together in Ps to cancel out the noise. Guess there’s no reason you can’t do it in blender, but I use Ps for working on images by default. Do you need to manually change seed values for this or is noise already randomized in each render?

That just sounds all kinds of wrong, there’s no substitute for adequate samples. Photoshop can’t help a crap render :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all the feedback. The scene is looking a lot better now. I have got more modeling done and did another test render with 3000 samples. I am still very young in the blender scene but I’m realizing I like modeling a lot better than texturing ugh.