what is happening when I smooth the object.

I’m modeling a martini glass from a circle primitive

First I go into front view (Keypad 1) then orthographic (Keypad 5)

I turn the number of vertices up from 32 to 64

I extrude on the z axis (e,z) and scale (s) until I reach the top of the glass, then draw a “lip” at the top of the glass with extrude and scale, and come back down to just above the neck o add about 1/32" thickness

I select the base, scale it in slightly then merge at center (OPT+m)

In the first pic I see the glass before I smooth it, there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.

On the second pic, I select the glass, then smooth. Notice the dark line extending from the top to the bottom. Is that a reversed normal? I tried to click “Calculate Paths” and “Clear Paths” but I’m grabbing at straws.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and how to fix this? I’m still very “noob” at all of this.


Selct all vertices, W / remove doubles then Ctrl+N to recalculate normals

thank you!