What is is error and how do I fix it?

I just created a simple scene and then when I render, this msgbox show.

I suspect that this is about memory issues. I considered upgrading to a 64 bit OS. I am downloading a 64bit Linux Mint as I type this.

Is this the first time you are using 2.70?
Can you render anything?
What are your render settings?
On the forum you can click the “GO Advanced” button and then enter into the file management section and upload the simple .blend file you are having problems with.
Did you download the 64 bit version for a 32 bit operating system or something along those lines.
What kind of video card to you have.

The .blend file is over 30 mb

Blender 2.70 runs just fine until I create this scene with hair particles and lots of sub-surf modifiers.

I believe Blender needs more memory so I considered switching to a 64bit OS to put that additional 2GB of Ram into play.

Sytem Specs:
GPU AMD Radeon HD 6310

pastall.org allows for under 30Mb so if you can shave off a Meg or two you could upload it there. Or you could just say you don’t want to send your .blend file… when you said simple scene I didn’t anticipate hair or a .blend file that huge (see the subject line of my reply).

try running blender.exe -d and send the output of the command line window… you could run camtasia screen capture software to get a video of what happens when you try to render. what are your render settings? i.e what are you trying to output?

I am lazy for that but I bagged the .blend file and zipped it up. It is the only way to upload a big .blend file. Here it is:

I just rendered it, works fine for me

Here is what I got… my video card is crappy.

It renders fine. I conclude that I need a 64-bit OS. Getting one now.