What is Microboxus.com about?

(EnderRender) #1

Microboxus provides technoledgy to the small business (that means that Microboxus.com provides software and help to the small businesses including websites).

Here’s a list of the specific things that Microboxus.com provides:

(note: this is just a list of the blender things that Microboxus offers)

> Software and help to the small business (you already know that)
> all your blender needs ( tutorials, chats, forums)
> html help ( help with your blender website)
> Games
> Movies (ex. Countdown to Extinction)
> tools for making your own Blender website
> Community
> You will be allowed to have your own gallery
> your login page will be like a website (Microboxus is still testing that)
> and a lot lot more

The Blender section will look like www.Blender3d.com If you have any idea on how BLender3d.com was gonna look like ( remember those future plans) private message me at X10 or send me an E-mail at [email protected]

(WeirdHat) #2

I have a question. When you say “Movies (ex. Countdown to Extinction)”, does the “ex.” mean example or excluding? If it means excluding, then why?

(theeth) #3

why would it mean excluding?

example is more likely IMHO


(S68) #4

I think ex. stands for EXpecially and that X10 really wants the Countdown to Extinction movies 8)


(EnderRender) #5

Ex. means example and no I don’t want any of the Countdown to Extinction movies.