What is MMB?

What is MMB? What key is it?

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ha…I know most people laugh but I had to scratch my head on that one for a bit.

MMB = middle mouse button. If you have a mouse with a wheel in the middle press the wheel it will act as a third button. If you have a really OLD mouse…well get a new one. They are not that expensive

PS that is a really good questions how do Mac users use Blender (Can they? with only one button?)

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Thankyou for answering such a stupid question…

Don’t forget the instant sex feed when you press the “any” key!

Don´t be afraid to ask but also dont be afraid to use the search button.

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hahahaha same here! I felt so stupid :joy::joy: haha

Congrats on responding to a 13 year old thread :stuck_out_tongue:


with 35.1k views it apparently needed to be said. And is a big hit with search engines?

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Lol, sure, if the first search result is a https://mn.gov/mmb/ and Urban Dictionary says
" MMB (noun): Moshi Moshi Bum A word originating from Sydney in 2003, MMB is derived from a combination of the japanese word for hello and the word, ‘bum’."