what is "MX" "GTX" "LE"????

is That some kine of initial??

can we have some context please?

I’m guessing nvidia graphics cards? Those are sub-version number tags, eg GTX is the best, then GT, then GS, then no tag, then XT, then LE (light edition), and MX is some old one

Software Suffixes.

MX, was the Macromedia thingy means “might execute”, maybe.
LE - Learning Edition, or perhaps Less (than) Everything, Lite Edition, Lusers Edition.
GTX - Walnut trim on the dashboard, fancier wheel trims. Gets Thee Xcited?

Software Guru…ish.

its about video card, i m choosing a newone

expect for vid. card i see this tag in other place, like software pack

i though that XT is the best, cause it has a “X”,this manufacturer really comfuse me :-?

The important thing is the number. Eg, nvidia 7800 is the fastest (nvidia) card, then 6800, then 6600, etc.

the first number (eg 7 or 6) is the main series number, and the others (eg 800, 600) denote its position in the series. So, a 5900 might be slightly faster than a 6200 (because the 5900 is really high in the 5 series, and the 6200 is really low in the 6 series)

Its a bit more complicated than that, but thats basically what you need to know. And make sure that if you are buying for a motherboard you already have that the two are compatibal (eg pci-express or agp)

ya i know that, but when it comes to Reden9800,Reden9800SE,Reden9800XT…ect


i think its diffrent for nvidia and ati but the radeon ones have the XT then the no tag and then SE

You forgot about MX, which stands for Marketoid eXcrement.

I only really no Nvidia, but it goes (worst to best:

MX=LE=XT, Nothing, GS, GT, GTX=Ultra

ATI I believe XT is best (nvidia deliberately called their budget one XT as a dig at ATI).

Anyway, go Nvidia as they have much better drivers, and both manufacturers cards are roughly equivalent in performance per £.

My input.


the only gtx card is a 7800gtx. dont waste your money on one of those. they go for round $600cad, and preform bout 5fps faster than the $400 card.

gtx = best (grand touring extreme?)
gt = almost as good (grand touring?)
gs = only a 6800gs. nvidia killed the 7800gs.
xt = ati part. your confusing companys
mx = geforce 4000 days

Here’s a new one: MBS.

Marketing Bullsh**.