What is "rcti" in UPBGE?

I press P, and around a second before the game engine starts, there is this “rcti” message printed in the console, so what does rcti with the numbers mean? Pixel count? Screen refresh rate? This rcti is displayed just 1-3 seconds before UPBGE internal player starts.

Another question is that why does UPBGE have a delay before game start? I press P and it takes 0.5 to 3 seconds to start, even though macOS’s M1 processor should really accelerate this time to well, nothing, not mentioning the SSD inside it, which would also really accelerate it if UPBGE had more optimising.

The time it takes at start is xompiling the shaders and sending them to gpu usually.

Using a single material / atlas should speed it up,

There is also the possibility of precompiled shaders now with metal, and vulkan backends.

Really? So that is what it is…

The Metal backend will actually speed this up drastically, and the GE will be a lot faster with Metal, especially in the reflections department, as SSRs really slow down UPBGE on macOS due to no Metal support for these, and the old openGL is slowing down the GE. I can really see the macOS version of UPBGE being superior in speed compared to PC in the near future, and in the mid future, being able to really take advantage of M1s processor speed!