What is Texture Mesh in Texture Space

(hollallen) #1

I have tried to use this but not sure how. I am referring to the Texture Mesh option in Texture Space under the object data tab. I understand its function but not sure how to make it work. Has anyone every had any experience with Texture Mesh in the Texture Space region?

(omgold) #2

For me it works as expected. You have to duplicate the mesh object, so you can specify the ‘other’ one there. Afterwards Generated Coordinates should be taken from this ‘other’ mesh. I suppose it only works as long as you do not change the topology of either one.

(hollallen) #3

Thanks, I am not sure what the purpose is though if you are duplicating a mesh and basically have the same thing. With texture space I know you can set set parameters for each space so they are unique so what purpose does texture mesh serve if it is using a duplicate mesh?

(omgold) #4

What you can do is deform the duplicated mesh (move vertices around). With that you can scale, stretch and rotate the texture.

(hollallen) #5

That seems to work fine…it is making more sense…thanks