What is the best approach to grouping objects

Sorry but this is newbie question but I’ll having problems in the basic approach.

I have a car chassis with 4 wheels - I want to be able to group the car so that if I move the car chassis, the wheels also stay in relation to the car body. But I also want to animated the wheels as a sub-object. This hierarchical structure is the basis of all animation.

My experiments to date have met with failure - parts of the car/character being left behind because I have grouped them wrong etc.

What is the best way of making sure arms and legs stay with the body, wheels don’t fall off vehicles (unless we want 'em to).


A perplexed Pringle.


As for the car, I would parent the wheels to the chassis. Once parented, they will move, scale et with the chassis. Select all 4 wheels, then select the chassis (order of selection is important. Then press Ctrl p and select “Make Parent”.

In my experience, it is always best to Ctrl a (Apply scale and rotation) to each of the objects before parenting.

Best of Luck!

Many thanks for this - its the weekend tomorrrow and now I know what I am doing :slight_smile:

It has been frustrating in the past when I thought I had grouped everything only to discover a random pair of eyes still looking at camera after its owner had walked out of shot - funny bit frustrating.

Blender seems to be this make big progress, then hit brick wall, make big progress, hit brick wall.

I showed my new boss (at a graphics company) Blender last week - first time he had seen it: I cannot repeat his actual words but Babel translated it as “Have sex with me - this is sexing free - SEX!. For the sake of sex, how can they do that - sex is amazing! Give me the sex install file”.

Babel need to improve its sexing grammar.

One happy Pringle with his problem fixed.


Also available is the FREE on-line user manual. Not very sexy, but it does have pictures.