What is the best free painting program? (thats not gimp but close to photoshop)

Im originally a photoshop user but i lost it a while back…

Ive been using gimp but can not stand it AT ALL anymore.

so im looking for other options. any suggestions?

Hmmm… since GIMP is basically really close to Photoshop, I’d recommend GIMP. You could try Dggwaffle, Krita, Paint.NET, Pixia. Plus you can customize GIMP to give it a Photoshop interface.

I’m surprised that you can’t stand GIMP anymore since it’s easier to use than Photoshop.

If you’re set on Photoshop, get Photoshop Elements. That would be your best option other than GIMP.

theres alchemy, but its not really for painting…

thanks for the reply. i find photoshop way easier to use, im pretty good with it to. it just costs so much to buy…

anyway, i think im leaning towards paint.NET.

Check out GIMPshop- it’s GIMP customized for a Photoshop interface. I’ve used it and I can say that it’s the only free program I’ve found that closely mirrors Photoshop’s interface.

The GIMP developers are working on a single window (optional) interface for the future 2.8. Hopefully this should make it as much user friendly as photoshop is on a Window OS than the current floating windows scheme.
No idea if and when GIMP 2.8 will be released.

Neither GIMP nor Photoshop are designed (or super-great) for digital painting. That said, it’s perfectly acceptable to use either for that purpose.

More related to your question: have you looked into MyPaint?

Artweaver is very photoshop, painter like. There is a free version that is fully featured.
I personally use the Gimp though, you’ve just got to customize it to your workflow to get the most out of it.

MyPaint - http://mypaint.intilinux.com/

Artrage(Not free, but not expensive either) - http://www.artrage.com/

I do have my paint and use it every an then. but this gimpshop looks like it would work for me a lot better.

@Fweeb, yeah. zbrush or something like that would probably be WAY better.

thanks all.

I like Krity .
Is there version for windows. i readed that old Krita is windows version, but I cant find it , I downloaded online in staller, but it dont show krita - it is part of Koffice

Another alternative to photoshop is Gimpphoto http://www.gimphoto.com/

I would recommend trying to adapt to Gimp’s interface weirdness rather than choosing a Gimp fork based on version 2.4. Version 2.6 has some great improvements over 2.4. Besides that, keep in mind that the 2.8 version will have a more reasonable UI.

Personally I haven’t found any paint program, free or not, that I enjoy more than MyPaint. I use Gimp for photo editing and other things more technical than painting.

I would suggest using MyPaint for digital painting!.
You may find it very useful and you are able to customize brushes e.t.c!..

Check it our here!..

Hope it helps!.


without a doubt for painting try mypaint! just incredible. there are also some nice brushes by deevad for it.

also the new version of krita seems pretty good.

and of course check out gimp paint studio (gps).

you might like gimphoto http://www.gimphoto.com/
It seems to be faster than gimp and has some interesting additions.

It’s also based on a much older version of GIMP and is therefore missing some of the newer features available in recent releases.

I use a lot Artweaver, you can pack it onto your usb easily. But for some limitations i use inkscape for some complements.

hm suprised nobody mentioned ‘deep paint’ which has a free version, and the pro version can paint on 3D models, and does some cool stuff with projection and vector curves and other stuff. deep paint is made by ‘right hemisphere’.
(edit) excellent brushes btw