What is the Best Way to Get Fur/Hair in the Viewport?

I’ve been trying to achieve hair effect in Blender using the viewport, but I’m having some issues with it. Right now, what I’m doing is assigning a texture with an alpha channel to hair sheets, emitting the hair sheets using a particle system and brushing them to the contours of the character using the Particle Edit mode.

However, my issue is with the alpha. It seems that the viewport is unable to calculate the alpha channel correctly, even if I switch the renderer to Blender Game and try all of the different alpha blend settings. With Alpha Clip selected, it’ll look okay in the viewport, but it doesn’t look right when I hit the OpenGL render button. On Alpha Clip mode, for example, parts of the hair sheets will turn green.

Since there seems to be no way to get around the Alpha blend issue for the viewport, is there another way to render hair within the viewport using GLSL shading?