What is the best way to make very long stairs

Hi everyone, i am having a hard time making long stairs for a temple, i have tried array but it is so weird and acting erratically squashing my original object even with transform applied.

Also i am modeling a very large archeological complex at 0.01 scale to match with ue4 and it is impossible to adjust the object with numeric slider.

I also tried a free stairs addon but unfortunately the author limit the numeric field so it is impossible to make that kind of stairs with it.

Here a picture showing the type of stairs i want to make

Array shouldn’t actually squash your object, providing you have your array offset either to 1 relative, or the actual riser hieght, it should be able to go onas long as you want.

StairArray.blend (761.3 KB)

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OK i got it to work since i applied transform only on scale and not on rotation so now it is working as expected, thank none the less for your help.