What is the C-Key?

(darkstar1) #1

I keep hearing about this C-Key and how it is required for tutorials sometimes. What is it? A button? I have done a tutorial that requires the C key but I don’t know if I have it. Also, the end result of my tutorial didn’t come out as planned (reflection was wrong), could it be that I don’t have the C-Key?

(The Lurker) #2

No, The C-key is ancent history. It was like a shareware code to unlock part of Blender but hasn’t been used since v1.8 I believe. You have all the feaures + more in 2.24 and beyond.

(overextrude) #3

And to add just a bit…it was designed to allow those who paid, faster access to new features. For whatever reason, the C-key was dropped, and eventually replaced by the requirement to purchase a Publisher license.