What is the difference between features on BlenderNation and Blender Artists?

why sometimes its featured on blender nation but not in blender artist ?

Featured artwork on Blender Artists goes through a voting process: all moderators and ‘Trust Level 3’ users can access a voting thread where we all share suggestions and vote on them. Only art that passes this test make it to the #featured bar (we require 70% of the votes to be in favor):

Artwork that I feature on BlenderNation is selected from the most popular images. As I don’t have a ‘committee’ on BlenderNation, I have a little more liberty there to feature whatever I fancy, and the two will not always overlap :slight_smile:


thanks bartv :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it possible to get games made with ONLY BLENDER featured? I’m working on a class project (have been for a couple months) that is an extremely low poly game with gameplay/ level design similar to Metroid (Prime in particular). I’m very aware that it doesn’t look nearly as detailed as any of the featured things I’ve seen, but I’ve still been putting in a lot of hours into the project. Here’s a link to the progress update page if you interested in the project, though it is not finished. Metroid Prime Style Game

It does not have to be done with blender only, as long as blender is a major component. And we cannot guarantee that you’ll be featured, several people have to vote in favour.

I don’t expect to be featured :sweat_smile:. I was just wondering if it was possible as I hadn’t seen it done before. Thanks.

Its extremely uncommon for people to post games, or game demos as completed projects. I’ve personally never seen one.