What is the point of getting banned?

I don’t really understand, do you ban our account or our IP address?
If you only ban our account, that is sorta useless.

I could just make another one. Oh no, my post count is back to zero…That was a minor inconvenience.

Just askin, don’t ban me though.

Most likely an IP ban, or they temp. ban you for a couple weeks or so.

Username bans are less common, because the administration here pretty much know some members will just come back under a different name.

Why don’t you get banned and check lol…

I don’t need to because I’ve been IP banned under an old account and temp. banned while using this account before, I know from experience.

get banned because it’s cool. plain and simple. :rolleyes: :ba: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :evilgrin: :slight_smile: :spin: :slight_smile: :yes:

Yea, I sorta posted a kitten getting its head smashed in with a hammer, a mouse being put in a blender, a pig getting its head chainsawed off (and the events that followed), and a dog getting hanged. The fact that they were animated probably did it for me. The images didn’t violate any listed rules, and the board was meant for dumping spam and crap, but bah.

(not this one)

Anybody who’s determined enough can find ways to get a new account, whether banned by username or IP address, but we always re-ban them as soon as we figure out who they are, and generally they lose interest after a while.

Anyway, bans are always preceded by warnings and temporary bans, so if you want to clean up your act you have plenty of warning. If you try to come back without changing your behavior, it’s only a matter of time before you get banned again.

I posted a dead giraffe once and all they did was delete my post. Incidentally, a user posting a link to a video on youtube of a guy getting hit in the head by the wing of an airplane in the same thread was just fine.

Isn’t the IP ban unfair? It is maybe efficient, but if there are other people who own an account and who use the same computer (family members for example), they are also punished even if they haven’t done anything bad.

the real problem with ip bans is dynamic IPs…

That would make it all the more effective! Nothing like angry family members to set a rogue straight.

We rarely use IP bans. They’re reserved for really problematic cases.

hahahaha… but it’s still not fair to the family members, regardless of how severely the rogue is punished…

(EDIT: just got unbanned from the TB forums… now my ingame rank is wiped. Püpe.)

Doesn’t matter.

If you ban by an IP, they can just use a proxy and get access via that means. You’d be better off creating a system that sandboxes the user account and makes it appear they can still write posts/threads but only they can see it :slight_smile: Thats what i’m doing for my websites.

They can post to other threads, no one will see it, no one will reply to them they will get bored and leave, or continue to spam in the case of bots and they wont get anywhere.

Better than a ban, user signs back up and spams / pisses people off more.

That is truly ingenious. I love it.

You are a genius :slight_smile:

Just make sure it doesn’t bump threads back up to first.