What is the purpose of Clay renders?

Is it just for fun or it serves am important purpose like gauging shadows and etc?

It’s great to showcase the model itself… You can see the shapes and form of the model more easily, without dealing with distracting and deceiving textures… :wink:

yup, part of the workflow - to analyze the form/geo, the lighting… “hunting artifacts…” - goes hand in hand with neutral lighting
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Funny question pops up into my head everytime I see a clay render:

What is the purpose of other renders? :eek:

Geometry is king! Long live geometry.

Easier to see lighting when textures/reflections etc. dont fool you.

Now I understand. Thanks for the response, guys!

All of these replies are wrong. It’s actually part of a conspiracy to promote clay and it’s being spearheaded by the clay industry.

EDIT: I think I mixed up (2.8) Clay “Preview” Render with “Clay Render” :o

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Clay preview render is cooler than Solid with AO. For better modeling and scene blocking. I’m used to ZBrush’s auto-polygroup by random hues. Helps a great deal to differentiate objects/ vertex groups when modeling or laying out scenes with lots of objects and parts. Real workflow enhancer.

Would be very happy if Clay preview render comes with a “pastel” tick box!

Different pastel hue for every object in Object mode. And in Edit mode, dynamically group face selections by hitting a clay preview: random hut icon/hotkey. :slight_smile:

Tinted clay dough…

Anyway it’s no big deal in the scheme of things… will make Blender tuts look more inviting that’s for sure… :slight_smile: