what is the purpose of the curve simplifier addon?

With help from you folks I’ve been playing with rigid body simulation with the game engine and the recorded f-curves multiply very quickly - xyz plus similar rotations for each object with keys for each frame! Adds up quick and my computer starts to wheeze.

I tried running the f-curve simplifier and even with error at 100,000 it didn’t delete a single point (that I could tell). I have no idea what the limitations are for the add on but it seemed to let me enter whatever I wanted for the error -> from 10**-1 up to 10**+5 didn’t seem to change anything. Anyone else tried this on a whole lot of complicated curves?

While all these curves bogged down the curve editor, renders where very fast, just seconds even with motion blur, so I was wondering, when is the curve simplifier useful?

An example http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/07/26/tip-simplify-animation-curves/