What is the radius for?

The radius for dynamic and rigid body objects is really confusing me. What does it do besides mess up collisions? For instance, I wanted to have gears in a game, where the first gear is static and turns the second gear, which is dynamic, and so on. I needed my dynamic gear to sit on a shaft. The radius doesn’t allow this.
Secondly, a problem I already asked about and never got an answer for involves my character and his collision box. I set the character and all objects parented to the armature to ghost. The collision box was set to dynamic. It still insisted on colliding with my guy, and it seemed like the radius was the actual collision point. My armature had something to do with it as well. This must be a bug.

Radius is a radius as the name says. If you mean the doted circle you can see in wire mode - this is just a little visual helper. It is supposed to shows you the sphere when you do not have any bounds set.

I guess you just need to set the right bounds type.

I’m not sure if a static gear is a good idea. But I might be wrong with it.

The BGE is no physics simulator and such things have heavy impact on performance. You might want to prebuild the animation of the gears. But this depends on what you want to achive.

Regarding armatures. That should be the tree:

.collsion box (rigid or dyn)
. +armature
. . + skin meshes (ghost)
. . + bone children (mostlikely ghost)

Don’t use ghost, just turn of collision for the character skin and bone children (unless they need to act as collision volumes). The No Collision option is in the same drop down menu as static, dynamic, and ghost.

I actually tried No Collision. On another note, once I deleted the armature the problem went away.

How do I upload a blend file? I’ve tried to go to the manage attachments page and upload it there, but it gives me an error and fails to upload it. Computers hate me.

Well, it should work. If it doesn’t, you can try a file sharing site like Box.net or Mediafire.

Okay. I put it on Mediafire, and here’s the link.


nudge nudge

I don’t want to be a bug, but I’m really stuck.