What is the red box on here? How do I change it back to normal?

What is the red box, what is it meant to do, and how do I put it back to normal? All my objects are coming up in whatever color I select…

EDIT: I’ve put this in the wrong forum - sorry!

It’s the world ambient colour. Just click on the box and change the colour or use the sliders below it. By default this is black so all the sliders would be at zero.

Right, but if I do that, all the objects come out black if they have no other color set, and they come out a mix of the two if there is one set (for example, if the object color is red, it comes out a darker red).

If the ambient colour is set to black it means there is zero ambient colour.
If you have issues with a scene, attach your blend to your post (use the Go Advanced button) and describe what you want and what you don’t want.

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Ah - it was just the placement of the lighting.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: