What is UPBGE?

Hi, #BlenderDude here! Just like to know what is UPBGE? I went to the official site, but still can’t figure out what it is.


Basically an upgraded version of the blender game engine, hence UPBGE.

and what does it do?

We don’t have a feature list but we have a big release notes page http://doc.upbge.fr/releases.php
Basically we are fixing everything we can. Modernizing a lot of the existing features and adding new ones.

oh daym already like the first entry in 0.0.1

edit: is it possible to switch to upbge with your normal blend file?

Thanks for the quick, simple answer!

That’s really cool lots of new features. Why I have never heart about that?

Is this going to be any soon in blender official?

Unfortunately, no. We have made so many changes the project is just too different from the original BGE. The chances are almost 0%

these can be sent to master - just to highlight your solutions for them -

Fixed bugs

  • Remove CheckBindCode (see 7e32845)
  • Fix keyboard sensor without qualifiers. (see 2c5c0b8)
  • Fix scale for camera in SetViewMatrix (see 413e5d3)
  • Fix error message in KX_Filter2DManager.addFilter. (see fc678ff)
  • Fix VAO used with VBO and geometry instancing. (see 7dde109)
  • Fix environment ligthing. (see 78f2623)
  • Fix memory leak about unfreed window in blenderplayer. (see 6fd9f51)
  • Fix GPUTeture reload and deleteion in BL_Texture. (see 5f94714)
  • Fix unfreed threads data memory in blenderplayer. (see 7beccfd)
  • Fix python segfault on blenderplayer error. (see 366017f)
  • Render text objects as mesh objects. (see 7038db2)
  • Fix memory leak for reinstanced physics shape. (see 1fb0119)
  • Fix lod hysteresis override not divided by 100. (see 1fbee7c)
  • Fix KX_CollisionContactPointList memory leak. (see 071d633)
  • Fix memory leak for vehicle constraints. (see 53fade3)
  • Fix unfreed world info for merged scenes. (see c06a5e3)
  • Avoid use GPU_DYNAMIC_LAMP_SPOTSCALE constantly. (see 27261ba)
  • Fix check of parallax without UV mapping. (see b2d4b30)
  • Make lights textures scale possible (see cc4ecd3)"

@bpr, the code base is different from the main bge!

it is a Blender fork

Try pulling individual release components first. Maybe it’s possible to do if you use older release first, than slowly pull up newer releases.

But the BF wants to remove the bge and focus blender on realtime rendering and game asset creation. They also want to have an interactive tool for realtime simulations. But maybe after 0.1 version. The UpBge devs could try to push the UpBge into blender by showing its progress.

I hope they don’t remove it! :frowning:

Remember UPBGE is a fork! Hehe. :slight_smile:
Just to make a note: what i posted is only my opinion based on bf sayings and stuff.