What is wrong with this script?

from bge import logic, render

bby.data.objects[“player”] offset_location x.10

I am working on my first script and when I run it in the console it says cannot find module bge
but when I look at other scripts it usually says from bge import and then the other stuff.

game engine modules have to be run from inside the game engine

What this means is that you have to create an object, and under game logic, create logic bricks like:
Always -> Python

Under the python logic brick, select your script.
Then hit ‘P’ to start the game

Oh, and you can’t use any bpy commands in blender game engine.

Thanks for the help

I see more errors:

-BBY not exist, maybe you want to write BPY.
-Even if you want to use BPY, you are not importing the BPY and the bge not support the module BPY.
-You are importing the bge, but you are not using it module.

Looking the script that you post, looks like you are trying to set a configuration of a logic brick, and you cannot do it in bge, because the BPY module not work in the bge, but still you can set the value in realtime, but you are using the incorrect module.

PD: if you want, i can make a simple script.