What it is all about ???

what made you want to be an animator? Would you still be an animator if you were paid 8.50 and hour. What if you had no respect in your work.

:confused: What IF

I’ve wanted to make animated movies since I was a kid.

Lately I’ve actually been leaning more towards Live Action stuff, but I have been working on one large animated project for the last couple years. My problem is that I kept re-starting it over and over because I didn’t properly plan things out. The current iteration of the project has been in ‘production’ since the beginning of this year. I think I finally have it nailed, but I’m not going to show a single iota of it until it gets near completion.

I currently get paid nothing to do it, and I have no idea how people will respond to it, and I don’t know if I care that much either way. If I don’t make a dime with it - and I do plan to sell it - I won’t consider it a waste of time or anything.

if you want to know who my two biggest inspirations / influences are:


Both of them share my exact attitude about animation and have basically proven that the things I believe in will actually work in the marketplace and in storytelling. Visually, anyway.

I’m still a kid, 13 years old, so I animate just for fun, and I wouldn’t care if I got paid minimum wage :no: and had no respect for me work because I like what I do :wink: I don’t want to be an animator though, I want to be a programmer/animator/modeller… I’m going to be a programmer first though. :cool: I have big plans ahead of me :wink:

when i dream, i can only envision and describe.
when i animate, i can see and share.

Many animators earn less, many earn more. Earnings have to do with circumstance, talent, and career, not with why. I would not do this Blender thing if I could not earn enough to eat, 'cause ya gotta eat. Otherwise, I love to do my passion; life is a trade-off between what you have to do, what you want to do, and that which you are able to do.

If you don’t get any self-respect from your work, you need to take steps to improve, or find another line of work. If you don’t get any respect from your client or boss, then you need to find another client/boss or find out why and deal with it, even if it means realizing you need to find another line of work. If you’re not getting any respect from your peers and the industry in general, you need to build your brand.

It has always bothered me that animation is seen as “for kids.” Going to school I’ve gotten some ideas where animation can be used in a fine arts setting. I would like to see a shift on the view of animation in my life time so that it gets the respect it deserves.

I’m not an animator, I’m a programmer. I just do animation to keep my sanity, and to try something different to “broaden my horizon” so to speak. :smiley:
If someone doesn’t like what I make, they can just shove off. I didn’t make it for them :slight_smile:

I agree with you papa smurf. I love animating, but i want to be able to support my kids and wife.I want them to have. I wonder how much being an animator i will earn, but only time will tell!

I have an idea for an animation that could be reallly big but still learning animation so ugh

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