What makes a game fun?

What makes for a fun game? A simple question, but something that I want answered by someone other than myself. Be as specific as you want; talk about first person shooters to role playing games. Even talk about what doesn’t make a game fun or interesting ideas you have for games. Just try to keep everything constructive.

I’m preparing for a big project and want to do my best to be sure it turns out well.

I’d say the depth of it. How much you can do in it. Otherwise, you should have tried this first: http://tinyurl.com/6eseoyq

Personally, I really love figuring out the mechanics behind the game, and adapting my strategies to incorporate that.
It is very rewarding to gain advantages in game, because you figured something out.

A few examples to illustrate my point:
FPS: Several weapons, that interact with each other; An environement you can exploit to your advantage.
RPG: You can plan your character advancement ahead, and watch your character become powerful.
RTS: You devise certain strategies and unit compositions to exploit the enemies weakness and the map structure.

Of course, those examples are possible in a rather complex game.
If you’re making a reflex game, you might at least want to give the player the opportunity,
to increase the difficulty so much, that he feels rewarded after winning the game.

I feel good gameplay should be given 1st prefrence and then graphics.

I’d say depth is important, as well, though some games aren’t that deep but are very fun. It’s probably attention to detail and how well each genre does - for example, in an Adventure game, there isn’t really going to be as much action as point-and-click interaction, though solving puzzles is satisfying. In an RPG, there may not be so many puzzles, but you become invested in seeing how the characters turn out at the end.

Make sure you have a good and realistic storyline, that way it’s more believable and people get sucked in. Also, add in little nooks and crannies that only people who explore will see, that way it makes exploring rewarding. Finally, make your levels challenging, but not impossible - who likes a game that lasts all of 5 minutes?

heres what i find to be fun and addicting games.

#1 a simple game.
#2 good graphics
#3 something that isn’t endless, have a story or at least an ending.
#4 as you progress make sure there are new challenges and new obstacles. some games are really fun to play, but around the third level you notice nothings really changing and it gets boring very fast.
#5 challenging, but surpassable. its frustrating to have a game where you can’t get past a certain level due to difficulty. but its also boring if its almost impossible to die.
#6 make sure all of the movement is smooth. make sure there are smooth transitions beetween animations, and smooth movement acroos terrain

Fun = challenge and challenge = fun.

Some people love a challenge, where they can study a stuff and use/test their know-how in ever evolving situations and learn some more.

Example a WW2 air-combat with realistic flight model and different air-planes, weapons, ammunition’s & damages characteristics.

There are a lot of things, but it all depends on the targeted demographics and how well each can relate to your game…

For instance, if you’re targeting kids or people with a very free flow state of mind, they would most likely relate to cartoon-styled or oriented games. Basically, everything (from the sound effects to the way the characters interact, etc.) must flow evenly in a sorta goofy manner. They would also relate to extreme and nonsensical violence lol. Its sad, but true. Of course, you must have boundaries. Keep things “sorta” PG rated… Meaning, the violence shouldn’t really alarm parents, but should keep the kids OOO’ing and AWE’ing.

If you’re targeting older people, then basically there’s pretty much no limit. BUT, there’s a catch that pretty much sales your product:

  1. Sex appeal - That’s self-explanatory… you know what I’m talking about lol
  2. Unique Design - This should help seperate your game from others, basically to help make people remember your game (have your own style)
  3. New and Unimaginable Implementations - I’ve noticed almost all of the newer games have this in common (if they sell well). Create and add some things.that people wouldn’t expect to be in your game, but makes your game awesome to play. And please look past just the simple “new weapons” deal. Think outside the box. Also, make game developers wonder, “how did he/she do that?!”.

There are a lot more, but there are a few things that should be no-brainers… Like actually making the game enjoyable to play and it should make sense. Also, it should be challenging and interesting, even after completing the game. By the way, don’t underestimate simplicity. Some people seriously dislike complex games and things. Make it complex enough to keep people guessing and learning, but make it simple enough to keep your audience’s attention.

I hope this helps…

I honestly don’t care about the graphics, if it has a good storyline and is very in depth, I’ll play it for hours

It’s fun if there is a challenge, but not so much that it becomes impossible. Since “impossible” varies for different people, I like it when I have the option of setting it harder. It gives me something new to conquer and that is fun.

Just found this confusing and halfway english Wikipage. I think it contains some interesting ideas. You might want to research on them a bit deeper.

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