What means this exactly: "ERROR: no (correct) camera&qu

(inka) #1

I get it, if I press p to start realtime engine. Sorry, if it might be a silly question, but I think I choose the right camera. Maybe there are other things not really correct?

Thanks, Ingo

(inka) #2

This &qu should’nt be in the subject. Don’t know where it comes from.


(S_W) #3

The only thing I know is that you could try to select the camera you want to be the active one and then press
“Ctrl + NumPad 0”
Hope it helps…

(inka) #4

I selected the right camera already with “Ctrl + NumPad 0”, and pressed “p” within this window to start. The camera is parented to an empty. This empty has logicbricks for motions. It just should start to work, because it did it already. I don’t know, what I could have changed in between. I’m using Publisher 2.25.


(joecool) #5

Sometimes if you forget to put a camera in one of your scenes it will say that. Make sure there is a camera in all of them.

(inka) #6

Great answer!!! Thats exactly what is was. Thank-you.


(dreamsgate) #7

happened to me too yesterday, glad it was so simple to fix.

(joecool) #8

wow I was right!
When you are living with a mother and a sister and your father doesn’t come home till about 6, you’re not right very often :wink:
BTW, I’m homeschooled which means I’m here all day-especially as I have no life…haha 8)

(S_W) #9

But you are the man of the house at that time!!

(well…, ok…, only if the female part agrees :wink: )