What means this python error...

‘Cannot add an actuator from a non-active controller’
What defines a non-active controllers?
A have this controller added to an always sensor and an actuator added to this controller.
I’m trying to access a func in this script, that activates this actuator, from another script.

An active controller is the controller that called the current script that is running. Non active are all others.

If you wanna activate an actuator on another controller you could either:

  • connect the running script to the actuator, one actuator can have multiple controllers, even on different objects. This is only not possible if the actuator you’re trying to activate is on a linked object.
  • or send a message to the other script by changing a property (or using message actuator) that when the other script runs, it will check and then activate the actuator depending on it
  • or avoid using actuators, when possible, many actions have alternative python functions that you can use instead of actuators. If you can, use those instead, so you don’t need to bother about whose controllers are linked to what.