what method of unwrap should i use?

iv made a low poly female char i was wondering what method of unwrap i should use for textures becouse i hear people saw dont use from window but i really dont like lscm it is really confusing, will bounds 1/1 work?

Thanks Fudge

from window was preferred before lcsm

lcsm works better with more seams

bounds 1/1 is essentially a from window unwrap it seems

thanks i might try lscm but where to put the seams so i can make the fit like this http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/sam_sht1.jpg

… maybe you dont get what i mean. what i mean is how do you get your faces to form flat, becouse when i use lscm all my faces just go in one huge mess

Thanks fudge

please help!

first of all, make sure you have enough seams, and also, you might try reading my tutorial, which explains most things, other than lscm, but they are nonetheless relevant to what you are doing. there’s the basic tut, and the more advanced one. between them, most common operations are covered. I think OTO made a tut on UV unwrapping too.
Check my sig for the tut I made.

ok thanks but where do i put the seams becouse its a low poly model so there isnt really straight places to put em

Probably, you’ll want one on the neck, one down the back of the head, one on each shoulder, one down the back of each arm, one on each wrist, one on each hand, one at the waist, one at the base of each leg, one down the back, one down the back of the pelvis, one at each ankle, one at the back of each leg, and one down the back/bottom of each foot.