What on Earth is wrong with this Blend?

Some very strange bugs been happening in this Blend lately (augh, haunted!)

First of all, it appears the camera is some non existant thing somewhere in teh center (the blends second view is set to this nonexistant camera, dunno how) and the first view shows where the camera actually IS.

Auuugh :confused:


select the camera and ctrl-0 that should make it the active camera an object can be a camera if you ctrl-0 it, thats probably what happened.

Shr1k is right, just tried it with your file, open file and then hit cntrl+num pad zero, that fixes your problem. Not sure how it happened though…

It happened because an object besides the camera was selected and ctrl-NUM0 was pressed.
ANY object can be used as the “active camera” and when the “camera view” NUM0 is selected, a veiw from that objects coordinates will be shown.
That’s really handy for aiming spotlights.

Ahhh! Thanks Smokin’ thats one I didnt realise, cool!