What OS are you?

Hello Blenderheads, What OS are you using?

We really need multiple choice polls. It’s hard to choose only one. And what about Palm, Symbian, *BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Irix,…?

I have a dual boot WinXP/SuSE 8.0 Linux!!!

If you mean what OS I choose for Blender, I am using Blender from Linux, because at least in my case, I’ve found that Blender renders faster than the win version…

Also I’d like to comment that there are more OS’s, that should be included in that poll… I think that there were some Irix and BeOS users around…


Last Month i wrote a letter using Geos on Winvice…
Does anybody remember?

i use windows, but im gunna install linux after christams.

I put in Other cuz I use a halfdozen OS’s on my computers, and choose the computer as appropriate to the task at hand…

I do all the GUI stuff on my Windows box cuz I have the “gamer” video card in it for my FPS games :wink: , but all the CLI stuff and background processes (long renders, etc) get put on my Linux and Sun boxen…

Like cohort I had to answer other because it depends what machine I am using. Linux seems to render faster for me, Mac is (unfortunately) a standard for graphic artists in the states, and I have Windows at home. By the way… dittohead… I saw that you want to install Linux on your machine. Just friendly advice…on a different drive only. I had the worst time trying to install Mandrake 7.2 on a dfferent partition on my Windows system… lin4win kept giving me errors dealing with corruption of the master boot record. Thought I would let you know…

Nah, if you dual partition Lin+Win, just set the boot loader to run in the Linux partiton, and use some other loader (NT bootloader, PartitionMagic, etc) to run in the MBR. Or just pick up a cheap used box or 5 to run headless linux for command line rendering :wink:

When you asked “what OS are you?” I thought you meant choosing the OS your personality most resembles. Kinda like Barbra Walters’ “what kind of tree are you?” :stuck_out_tongue:

If that is the case, I would be PalmOS 3.5. I’m simple, can only do one thing at a time, break easy, long overdue for an upgrade, but easy to get to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

For OSes I use mostly, 'twould be Windows 2k/XP, BeOS 5 Pro, MS-DOS (don’t ask), and PalmOS (3.5, no doubt).

/me wonders if Barbra Walters will ever use the “what kind of OS are you?” line…

When I first join ElYsiun I was 100% Mac OS X. Then I bought two SGI boxes. Found my self using a SGI Indigo2 as my everyday box. Powermac is strictly for DVD authoring and DV editing.
So now I’m a IRIX man. I just built a headless Linux box, just for rendering and povraying. I also use Linux for Openoffice and faster mozilla, ( export display from Linux to IRIX).
So my name says PowerMac but my OS for now is IRIX. One Day when Blender will rock on my PowerMac I will be back on Powermac for blender.

Sorry, i meant what you were running. I myself am running Windows XP on a 1/2 year old DELL with a pentium 4-2.0 gigahertz, N-Vidia G-Force 3.


Why not just set up grub or lilo on the MBR? It’ll boot to both flawlessly, and if there is a problem, just pop in the rescue disk and rerun lilo or grub install. I know it works fine becuase I have it running on five systems here and I just set two more up with dual win and lin on same harddrives this morning.

The MBR is really not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. If you screw it up, just redo it.

I am a windoze user strictly because I have been in MS-DOS mode 9 or 10 years - ever since I was in kindergarten. I just can’t get used to the commands in linux or the workflow and I have trouble with Gnome… so… I am a windower for now untill I get that Redhat that has been sitting on my other partition out and figure out how to use it! Does anyone reccomend a newbie Linux book???

Well, my PC uses Windowz '98, but “I” use Matt v24.11!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

used to use RH 7.3 but got fed up and switched to M$ 2000. Didn’t want to switch, but I was spending all my time trying to get things to run in Linux rather than learning the programs temselves. Now I am actually learning the applications rather than trying to fool with the OS all the time. I will go back to Linux when they get more user friendly. :smiley:

I’ve used, alot of operating systems, some only to test them out;
MsDOS, Windows (all versions since 3.11 and NT 4.0), Linux (redhat, mandrake, debian), BeOS, FreeBSD, QNX, Mac OSX

And am now using

  • Windows XP pro
  • Linux Debian SID (on personal servers and workstation)
  • FreeBSD on a server
  • MacOSX also on a server

I think windows works nicely for me as a workstation, but want to move more to linux because every now and then windows really pisses me off (though I am sure linux does the same to me :))