What painting program should I use?

I would like to do some digital painting with pressure sensitivity from a graphics tablet and although I like The Gimp, it doesn’t work with pressure sensitivity.

What open source program would you suggest?

Must be something you cause, my GIMP works just fine with my tablet…

Other than that the F(OSS) list is not too long… MyPaint and Krita.

I’ve heard GIMP 2.8 has pressure sensitivity issues on Windows. I think 2.6 works with pressure sensitivity though.

If you just want a free paint program with pressure sensitivity there is OpenCanvas 1.1. I could have sworn there was a free version of ArtRage too, but I couldn’t find it on their site.

You say gimp works with pressure sensitivity, but it isn’t working for me.

I found a thread on the gimp forum that tells how to configure it but it didn’t work. Can you get it to work?

Just out of curiosity: what tablet do you use, which version of Gimp are you trying and what OS are you running?

An old Genius MousePen 8x6 with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that I hope to replace soom; Gimp 2.8.4; Windows 7 x64;

I think it was Artrage Studio that was free as a basic edition for a while they’re Pro version was out. It seems that they’ve shut the door on both of those in favour of version 4.

I’ve never had a problem either with pressure in GIMP2.6, the 2.8 windows version I tried was awful so I don’t know about that one.

if its an old tablet then you might need to update your driver software.

Well, that explains things. Gimp is not very friendly with old tablets. You may want to take a look here, but I don’t know if it’d be of much help.

Go check out krita anyway.

I installed the new drivers for my tablet and now it seems to to have more options that I didn’t see before, but now it is completely messed up in gimp.

Before, it worked like a mouse, and now it wants to switch to random tools and/or right-click. Has this ever happened to any of you?


reinstall GIMP

In Gimp, go to Edit > Input Devices and set your pen tool to ‘screen’. Unless of course you have the same issue I do and your tablet isn’t even recognized and only shows ‘core pointer’.

Ok, I just tried this and it worked: open Gimp with your tablet and not your mouse. It will force Gimp to recognize the tablet. From there you can access the tablet in Edit > Input Devices.

Autodesk Sketchbook Express is free

If you people don’t know yet… adobe offers their cs2 bundle (which includes photoshop) for free now, you only need to search on their page (and I think you also need an account). All people on deviantart and at my university got all excited, haha. I think I’d to if I didn’t own CS5.

And according to Adobe, using this “free” version is as good as just using a pirated version of CS6 if you haven’t bought a license of CS2.

Partha is sharing a test build for win32 and win64 of Gimp + the Gimp Painter patch + the MyPaint brushes patch :

feedback thread :

On the other hand, the source code for Photoshop version 1 has just been released for any and all to study. Mind you, not much chance of drawing tablet support, but that’s really the only thing Adobe has given the public access to legally.

Downloaded Krita: After a few strokes with pen it stops working with even the mouse.
Reinstaled Gimp: Still doesn’t work with pen.
And CS2: Tried to install on my system and it said I needed three discs, so that didn’t work.

I think I will just save up some money and get Photoshop. Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Replys are still welcome.