What power supply with GTX560 and GTX Titan

Hello! I’m on the way to buy a GTX Titan for Cycles rendering, but before I would like to know if my power supply of 750 Watt is enough to support both cards. Let’s suppose I don’t use both of them to render in the same time. Do I have to worry for power lack? The CPU is an intel i5 at 2.6 Ghz. I think I’ll use the 560 just for viewport (but if the power supply is enough I’ll use it for rendering too).

I would like to know experiences from people who already use two cards for rendering. Thankyou!

Hi, try one of the power calculators:

Nvidia says 600 Watt system power for one Titan (250 Watt max.) and the GTX 560 (with Ti 210 Watt max) need 150 Watt maximal.
750 Watt seams enough for both full render, if not the system gets unstable but nothing else.

Cheers, mib.

Thankyou. In a power calculator site told me 690 watt with everything at 100%, plus your infos I’ll go secure! Thankyou! Bye!

I’d say it depends highly on the PSU quality. If you have a crappy, overrated PSU, I wouldn’t dare running it at close to the rating. If you have a good PSU, there’s probably room to spare even above the rating.
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